Weitzman Education Community offers a different education project with constant dynamics.

Our aim is our School to become a belonging , growth place as well as an environment where to learn with creativity and freedom.

Among the aims we have, we want each student:

  • Build their Jewish identity through living our history and our sources.
  • Obtain a high academic level which will allow them to develop in their future studies.
  • Develop interests, skills and attitudes which favor their growth.
  • Work with responsibility and autonomy .
  • Think about local and international reality.
  • Develop critical thoughts and actions.
  • Take care of their relationships and value their feelings.
  • Practice sports.
  • Express themselves through art.
  • Develop an open attitude towards knowledge promoting curiosity, debate, reasoning and reflection generating a learning pleasure.
  • Use new technologies in an intelligent way and not in an abusive way.
  • Communicate in Hebrew and English using four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing to interpret messages, maintain a conversation and search for information.

We work respecting each kid’s rhythm and timing, creating an atmosphere of respect for others.

We plan projects which allow students to integrate their knowledge, solve situations and use them in other aspects of their lives.

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