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Weitzman Education Community: a belonging place during the first years of their life, accompanying families through all the Jewish life cycle.

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Weitzman Education Community proposes accompanying families in a general way. Our institution is part of the Masorti Movement (conservative) which sustains the principles of “dynamic law” which were maintained through all the history of the Jewish People. The wise men, rabbis, teachers and leaders generated in this way a living judaism according to the time, place and circumstances strengthening our identity along the centuries.

Matías Dobzewicz

Matías Dobzewicz
Community Head
Jewish studies teacher


Jessica Yablsowski

Kindergarten Head
Kindergarten Teacher graduated at Kindergarten and Jewish Teaching Training Course I.H.Agnon
Degree in Educational Sciences graduated at UBA
18 years experience as Kindergarten teacher


Gabriela Safranchik

Primary Head
Degree and teacher in Education sciences (UBA)
Primary teacher
Degree in Education and new technologies (FLASCO)
Degree in Psychoanalysis and socio-cultural Practices (FLASCO)
Degree in Psychoanalysis and socio-cultural Practices (FLASCO) teacher in Social Studies and Internship at ISFD Maria Auxiliadora


Santiago Levin

Youth Head
Economy Studies Student at UBA
The community has been part of my life for more than 15 years
Within Orja I was chanich, madrich, coordinator and now I am the head of the youth movement


Our growing community

Weitzman Education Community  is part of Masortí Movement (conservative) which sustains the principles of “dynamic law” which were kept along time in all the history of the Jewish People.

The main principles of our tradition are based on the vivid practice of: shabat, chaguim, tefilá, kashrut, talmud torá. Mitzvot which commits us from its ethical and moral aspects. Tzedaká, Tikun Olam and Zionism are the axle of our education proposals.

In the formal education area we have Daycare, Kindergarten and Primary levels with an integral proposal in the Official area, English and Jewish studies.

We work in an integrated way school-families to accompany kids growth in the cognitive, affective, individual and social aspects.

As from the passing of resolution of the DGEGP in 2016, the school intensifies English and Jewish culturewhich leads to be defined as a multilingual school.

Within the English area we work through the development of areas required by Cambridge International Examinations, favoring the use of the language in real situations.

We understand technology is a valuable resource which forms part of our pedagogic proposals as a tool for tasks in all levels and areas.


  • Develop Jewish identity in a wide way taking into account individual growth and the belonging to the jewish people.
  • Understand and take part in the National Present being committed citizens with social values and environmental care
  • Develop skills and abilities to enter a more competitive and globalized world.
  • Master English as a means of communication in real situations.

Promote traditional values of our jewish people and our country, encouraging collective conscience, environmental care, giving the tools to become competent individuals in a globalized world

Consolidate a Jewish zionist-masorti community with an ethical focus, solidarity, actively committed in the community action taking the family as a central axle, forming committed and autonomous young people.


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