Daycare is the first institution out of home where the kid goes. We are responsible and committed towards the importance education has in the first years of life, favouring the complete development of kids, guaranteed and optimizing their current and future school path

Our pedagogical proposal is based in four main pillars:

  • Guaranteeing their physical and emotional security. generating a safe environment so that our students can explore their place feeling supported emotionally
  • Stimulating girls and boys in a permanent way challenging them to develop their autonomy.
  • Respecting individual timing, considering families characteristics and customs as well as individual ones.
  • ┬áBelonging to a community which will accompany them from the first day at kindergarten to their whole jewish life .


The current society demands literate individuals, as to reading and writing, the use of different contexts and new technology, the appreciation and closeness to artistic disciplines and possibilities of creativity and team participation which playing promotes. Today these are indispensable to live in society.

 Kindergarten proposes experiences in artistic production, it encourages more detailed observation processes, produces conflicts to obtain knowledge and communication through art, music, movement, dancing, drama, muppets, linking and reassuring concepts of other areas

In kindergarten we aim our girls and boys can:

  • Express and channel emotions through different means of communication.
  • Become part of a group feeling so , respecting individual timing, interests and needs
  • Respect and take care of their body and otherÔÇÖs
  • Experiment, being intellectually active to develop abilities and skills which will help them face the challenges which society will demand in a future.
  • Strengthen their identity as Argentine.
  • Build their identity and sense of belonging to the jewish People.
  • Acquire meaningful, dynamic, and creative knowledge in a stimulating and supporting environment .


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